A well-priced, high quality workstand that's ideal for heavier e-bikes

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Lifeline Pro Workstand


  • Built to last. 40kg bike weight limit. Great value


  • Weight and size both compromise portability


Lifeline Pro Workstand review


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The Lifeline Pro workstand claims to blend pro-level build quality with ease of use, at a price that’s appealing to the home mechanic. It also boasts a maximum bike weight limit of 40kg, making it suitable for e-bikes, and has a wider range of height adjustment than most competing workstands too. At just under £150 this is Lifeline’s top spec stand, and although one step up from the hit-and-miss world of chain store specials, it’s significantly cheaper than benchmark workstands from Feedback Sports and Park Tool.

Lifeline Pro Workstand

This workstand isn’t light or compact but it’s built to handle an e-bike

The Lifeline Pro uses a design that’s similar to many brands, with folding twin legs and a telescoping keyed strut within the main tubular steel support. This stand’s smaller (1) footprint can be a plus point over tripod stands though, especially when working in restricted indoor spaces, and can be slid easily into a corner when not in use.

Lifeline uses a mix of heavy duty aluminium and steel tubing to aid long-term durability and deal with heavier e-bikes, and at 9.5kg its weight is noticeable. It is 4kg heavier than more portable lightweight options, and it measures 1.5m when folded, so it’s not an ideal choice for the car boot either. If you transport your bikes about in a van you’ll be fine though.

Lifeline pro workstand head

The quality head and clasp are a highlight

A highlight is the head and clamp unit, which Lifeline has put plenty of thought into. The head uses a compression fit cup and cone mechanism to lock it in place, has a full 360º of rotation and uses a sliding bar lever to speed up operation. The clamp is seriously well built and mimics the design used on Kestrel workstands, which are a mainstay of many a professional bike workshop. The dual cantilevered aluminium jaw has rubber sleeves to cushion your frame and can clamp a wide range of tube diameters. As with the workstand’s head, the clamp runs on bearings for added smoothness and longevity. There’s a removable tool tray too, which slides on an arced rail giving a choice of positions – a neat touch.

In use, the solid build quality is immediately apparent, as is the broad range of height adjustment. At 6ft 2in (188cm) I could raise the bike to a more useful working level than my usual workstand. Although the Lifeline doesn’t have the speed-release head of the Feedback Ultimate Pro Elite, its smooth running adjuster allowed me to accurately dial-in the clamping pressure on a frame or dropper post shaft. I had no issue with the stand’s stability, with very little flex in the framework and no loosening of the fastenings over time.

Lifeline pro workstand tray

A handy tray holds tools and hardware while you work

After a year of hard use the Lifeline Pro has impressed me. Not only that but it’s relegated my usual go-to workstand to the back of the garage. It’s not light, but it is very stable and definitely feels built to last.


As a heavy-duty workstand for home use or van life, the Lifeline Pro works well for all types of bike, and at this price is hard to fault.


Length:1.5m (folded)