Deity Copperhead stem, now in the new 35mm clamp version... and tons of colours to match your bike

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Score 8

Deity Copperhead stem 35mm


  • Anodising and overall finish are great. Stiff. Low stack height.


  • Gap between the faceplate and stem is ugly.


Deity Copperhead stem


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This is Deity’s new version of the award-winning Copperhead stem we featured in our Best Mountain Bike Stems grouptest. Now, it comes with the oversized 35mm bar clamp. It’s CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 T6 aluminium billet and is available in two lengths and eight colours. The company talks about it being light enough for all-mountain but strong enough for gravity riding an while I think most modern stems can be used for any discipline.

The 35mm length tested is pretty stiff, I couldn’t feel any different to the Race Face Turbine (35mm bar clamp, 35mm length) that was on my bike previously. In fact, the Turbine is pretty much the main rival to the Copperhead, because it’s similar weight and price, also comes in a ton of colours.

Mind the gap? We kinda did, the space between faceplate and stem is ugly. Yet the stem is nicely finished, stiff and well made

Where I think the Race Face has the edge though is in the face plate. Race Face uses an ‘Overbite’ design, meaning that top of the face plate closes fully before you lock down the lower two bolts. It’s easier to set up, reduces uneven clamping and looks clean when you look down from the top because there is no gap. Unfortunately, with the Copperhead there’s quite a big space between the face plate and body of the stem. That’s a shame because the anodising and overall finish in this bronze sample looks sick and if there was no gap the machining would line up better. Deity does make an aluminium handlebar to go with this stem and if the colour matches exactly and graphics line up, it could make that gap less obvious but I didn’t get the handlebar to test, so I don’t know if that’s the case.

The Copperhead does have a slightly lower stack height than the Turbine, which is good if you’re trying to drop your front end. All the edges are nicely chamfered, so it doesn’t scrape the handlebar during fitting and with the 810mm wide handlebar I’ve been running it feels solid and precise. Just in case you have any issues, the stem is covered by a Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy for the original owner. 


In terms of weight, price and ride performance, the Copperhead stem is definitely in the ballpark, so then it’s just down to tiny details and for me it’s not quite at the same level as the Race Face Turbine. 


Clamp size:35mm
Lengths:35 and 50mm
Colours:Black, red, purple, green, blue, orange, platinum and bronze