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Birzman Infinite Snap-It pump

With its highly polished silver surface, the Snap-It Apogee definitely stands out amongst a sea of black sticks that make up the best mountain bike mini-pumps. Pull it open and…

Score 8

Photo of silver Birzman shock pump

At a paltry 85g, the Birzman Macht is the lightest shock pump on test and is perfect for taking with you for trailside suspension tweaking. It has a high-quality CNC’d…

Score 7

Birzman Disc Brake Piston Press

If you have to take a wheel out to store or transport your bike, there’s nothing worse than the brake lever getting pressed and this pushing the piston out of…

Score 9

Birzman Studio Tool Box

Whether you're building up a home workshop from scratch, or adding a portable kit that can be taken with you on riding trips, the Birzman Studio is hard to beat.

Score 10

birzman pump up

Whatever the initial idea behind it, the Birzman Pump Up is a new canister with 1.2l of volume, giving it the biggest capacity we’ve seen.

Score 9