An eye-catching mini-pump that also delivers on performance.

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Score 8

Birzman Infinite Snap-It Apogee


  • Top quality. Smooth action. Looks good. Decent pumping performance.


  • Twist-lock head can be temperamental.


Birzman Infinite Snap-It Apogee mini-pump review


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With its highly polished silver surface, the Snap-It Apogee definitely stands out amongst a sea of black sticks that make up the best mountain bike mini-pumps.

Pull it open and you’ll also see the lush sea-green anodised barrel, which results in a super-smooth action.

Housed in the end of the pump, underneath a sort of rubber arch, is a retractable hose. On one end is Birzman’s Snap-It smart head, which has a twist-lock design that automatically adjusts to Presta or Schrader valve types, but locks in place with a sort of half twist.

It does go on both valve types easily, but we found the locking mechanism can be a little temperamental – sometimes it’s really tight, other times it just works loose and leaks air, especially when you are pumping pretty hard.

The Infinite is a single direction pump, but it pushes a decent amount of air with every stroke. It’s not as efficient as the Topeak Mountain TT G or Lezyne Grip Drive HV, but the smooth action means you can easily push higher pressures. Despite the rubber arch being under your hand during activation, it doesn’t impede comfort or support.

To mount the pump on the bike, the Infinite comes with a plastic frame clamp, and there’s also a couple of spare rubber washers for the Snap-It head in the box, which is a nice touch.


The Infinite is a really top-quality inflator, but it’s let down by the Snap-It head, which is why we’d opt for its cheaper sister model, the Infinite MTB, with its simpler dual-head. 


Strokes:50-0.5psi, 100-7psi, 200-16.6psi