A lightweight shock perfect for trail-side tweaking, but with a several flaws

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7

Birzman Macht


  • Light, corrosion-resistant, smooth action, cheap


  • Hard to read gauge, hose is too short, not very efficient


Birzman Macht shock pump


Price as reviewed:


At a paltry 85g, the Birzman Macht is the lightest shock pump on test and is perfect for taking with you for trailside suspension tweaking. It has a high-quality CNC’d finish, so you’re not going to see any corrosion and it’s surprisingly smooth. It’s also the second cheapest shock pump we tested as part of our best shock pumps test.

On the flip side the hose is too short – it’s only 60mm, so you may have an issue working this pump on certain shocks due to frame architecture being in the way. It’s also the least efficient shock pump on test – after 100 strokes it only reached 55psi, and at 200 it was only up to 85psi. It took nearly 500 strokes to pump up a rear shock to 200psi and the last 50 were hard work. To be fair you’re not going to use this shock pump for that, it’s more a fall-back option. 

Some testers had an issue with the tiny gauge, it’s hard to read without glasses and each step on the dial equates to 20psi, so if you’re trying to be precise with shock or fork pressure this isn’t that accurate. There is a bleed valve on the back of the dial, but again it’s going to be hit and miss.


With its small volume the Birzman Macht is just slow and laborious and while it’s passable with the lower-pressure forks, rear shock adjustments are hard work. If you do want a Birzman shock pump the company does offer a full-size model called the Salut with a bigger volume and a more comfortable handle for about £10 more and this is the one we’d recommend. 


Gauge type:Analogue