Charge Airshot-style tubeless tanks in half the time and effort

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Birzman Maha Grand Push & Twist V Floor Pump


Birzman Maha Grand Push & Twist V Floor Pump review


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Yes, the Birzman Maha Grand Push and Twist V is a road bike floor pump but it can charge Airshot-style tubeless tanks in half the time and effort.

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If you’re looking for a floor pump, you can buy a traditional road bike version – which is defined as high pressure/low volume. As the name suggests, this generates high pressure – up to 170psi – but you can still use it to inflate a mountain bike tyre; it’ll just take a little longer. If you opt for a dedicated MTB floor pump, that will be high volume/low pressure, which means it just has a bigger chamber, so pushes a greater volume of air and will inflate a larger tyre a lot faster. This suggests that the latter is the best option for mountain biking, but not if you run tubeless. If you use a third-party charger (like the Specialized Air Tool tyre setter) which I do, you’ll need to prime that to around 140 psi, and obviously a typical MTB floor pump will struggle to achieve that pressure.

This is why I’ve been testing Brizman’s Maha Grand Push and Twist V Floor Pump. It’s a road floor pump but I can charge my tank in half the time and with a lot less effort. It also features the company’s new Push and Twist head. This works for both Presta and Scharder valves (you don’t have to change anything over internally) and it also doesn’t unscrew the valve core when you remove it. There’s a tiny bleed button on the back, so you can release the air pressure as you go, and the hose also hooks neatly into the base for storage. It’s stable, has a comfortable handle and is pretty good value.

A floor pump is one of the workshop essentials, so it’s worth buying a good quality tool that will go the distance and that you can get spares for reasonably easily. The Birzman Maha Grand Push & Twist V Floor Pump ticks all those boxes and is great option for tubeless users. If you don’t run tubeless, and just want a regular high volume/low pressure pump, Birzman does one of those too; called the Maha Push & Twist MTB II, it’s definitely worth a look.


Capacity:220 psi / 15 bar
Head:Push and Twist smart head