Delivers a great dump of air that's enough to seat even really stubborn tyres, even without removing the core

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Birzman Pump Up


Birzman Pump Up review


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Whatever the initial idea behind it, the Birzman Pump Up is a new canister with 1.2l of volume, giving it the biggest capacity we’ve seen.

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Tubeless tyres gave rise to the canister, designed to deliver a big volume of air quickly and seat the bead of your tyre, and although they were quickly surpassed in usefulness by dedicated tubeless pumps they still have a place: rider’s who’ve already shelled out for a good pump and don’t want to spend north of £100 on a new tubeless model.

It’s basically a metal cylinder with plastic ends to protect it, a Schraeder charging valve at the bottom and a usefully long, 2ft hose to take air to your wheels. The canister head threads onto both Schraeder and Presta valves, but this is the Birzman Pump Up’s biggest flaw — it’s easy to accidentally unthread the valve core when taking it off. Plenty of other canisters and pumps use this approach too but I really wish they wouldn’t because a simple lock-on lever is all that’s really needed.

Unlike most canisters, the valve to switch between charging and releasing the air is at the end of the hose. That’s actually a good place for it, because often you want to push the tyre and valve head together as you’re releasing the air, to try and stop any excess escaping. Less useful is that, again, it’s a simple threaded action to turn on or off, and after a few goes ours started leaking just a little air as it was pumped up and had to be over-tightened to secure it.


In use the Pump Up is very good. True, it’s inherently unstable because it is biggest and heaviest at the top, but it’s better in that regards than our favourite canister, the Airshot. It delivers up to 220psi in one hit, which is more than needed, and it really does deliver a great dump of air, enough to seat even really stubborn tyres, even without removing the core. Good value, top performing, but the threaded valve let us down.


Max pressure:220psi