yt jeffsy primus

YT Jeffsy Primus is a Jeffsy for kids. The 24in and 26in inch bikes are aimed at young rider with a height of 135cm-150cm and 145cm-160cm.

rockshox fork setup

Jon Cancellier, the man behind RockShox’s cutting-edge BlackBox race programme, reveals the secrets to an optimum RockShox fork setup.

Squats are king of strength movements. Using the big muscle groups around the hips and legs as well as involving the core means crossover to riding is phenomenal.

This time we ask whether mountain bike racing is awesome or awful. It turn people frenzied and pushes the limits of bike design, but is that good or bad?

It’s pretty obvious that e-bikes have a speed advantage when it comes to pedalling up hills – 500w extra power definitely puts some vim into your legs. >>> Best electric…

santa cruz heckler

Although Santa Cruz said it would never make one, no one really believed it. That a Santa Cruz ebike would come was always a matter of when, not if.

ribble ht ti

The Ribble HT Ti is Ribble Cycles' first mountain bike in 20 years and it blends the old and the new with classic titanium tubes and modern geometry.

Cotic Bfe Gold

For 2020, Cotic Bfe has been revamped. The head angle is now a degree slacker for more control, while a steeper seat tube improves the climbing position.