The AMS Hybrid One44 is Cube's lightest and best looking eeb to date


Always known for its outstanding value, Cube’s latest e-bike release brings Bosch’s mid-power assistance to the lowest price point we’ve seen so far. The catchily named Cube AMS Hybrid One44 features the Bosch SX motor, with 600w peak power and 55Nm of torque allied to a 400Wh battery, in a premium carbon frame with complete builds starting at £5,499. Bosch’s SX system has already impressed us with its blend of power and weight, along with expandable battery that gives similar power and range to a full-fat e-bike, and Cube is pitching this model against the best lightweight e-bikes on the market.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 comes with Bosch’s exciting new SX motor, with 600W peak power and a 400Wh internal battery.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 need to know

  • Full carbon frame on all models using Cube’s high end C:68X composite
  • 29in wheels front and rear
  • Lightweight trail e-bike with 140mm travel (we think)
  • Bosch SX motor with 600W peak power and 55Nm peak torque
  • Internal 400Wh battery is not removable
  • Additional 250Wh range extender is available
  • Four models starting at £5,499 up to £7,999

The AMS Hybrid One44 consists of four different models, all using the same carbon frame and Bosch SX motor. Cube claims the weight of the frame is 2,100g without shock and motor, and has achieved that through the use of its high-end C:68X carbon, as well as opting for a fully enclosed down tube and non-removable battery. This allows the engineers to keep the structural integrity of the frame and reduce the amount of reinforcing material needed. And for longer rides, there’s always the option of the 250Wh range extender. Headline weight for the top-of-the-line AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X SLT 400X 29 (yes, that’s really the model name) is 16.2kg, which compares favourably with the recently-released Focus Vam2, particularly as that bike uses a flexstay design to save weight, and the Bosch SX system is not the lightest on the market.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

Cube says its latest AMS Hybrid ONE44 is “engineered for good times”.

It’s impossible to find out the rear travel of the AMS Hybrid One44 from reading the press release or delving into the website, but going by Cube’s naming protocols, we summise that it’s a 140mm travel trail bike with 29in wheels and a 140mm fork. There are four frame sizes from S to XL, with reach numbers of 428mm (small), 449mm (medium), 473mm (large), and 500mm (XL). Chainstays across all sizes are 450mm, which is pretty average for a lightweight 29er e-bike), and the head angle is adjustable with an angleset between 65.4º and 66º.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 range overview

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X Super TM 400X 29 gets the aggressive build with piggyback shock and 36mm stanchion fork.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X Super TM 400x 29, £7,999

This is Cube’s most expensive AMS Hybrid model at £7,999. It gets SRAM’s XX Eagle T-Type Transmission, Magura MT Trail brakes, a Fox 36 Float Factory fork with Grip2 damper and Fox Float X Factory shock. As the burliest build in the range, it comes with Maxxis Assegai/Dissector tyres. Claimed weight is 17.7kg

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

If weight is more of a priority, then the 16.2kg AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X SLT 400X 29 is aimed at you.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X SLT 400x 29, £7,499

This is the lightweight build, with down-sized Fox 34 Float Factory fork and inline shock, along with Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes and faster-rolling, lighter Maxxis Rekon tyres. Claimed weight is 16.2kg.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

For £2k less than the top model, the Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X TM 400X 29 still comes with a Fox 36, Float X shock, and SRAM GX AXS wireless drivetrain.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X TM 400x 29, £5,999

A cheaper version of the burlier TM (Trail Motion) build with Fox 36 fork and piggyback Float X shock. Comes with SRAM GX AXS Transmission and Schwalbe Magic Mary/Nobby Nic tyres.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44

£5.5k gets you the entry-level Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X SLX 400X 29.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X SLX 400x 29, £5,499

Fox 34 fork and inline shock save grams on this build, while the Schwalbe Nobby Nic/Wicked Will tyre combo is super fast rolling and will definitely help maximise the range. Drivetrain and brakes are Shimano XT, despite the SLX tag in the name. Claimed weight is 17.3kg.