How to prep your bike for sale

Looking to sell your current bike? Everyone wants to get the most money for a bike when they sell. Here are our must do tips for prepping a bike for sale.

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Most of us sell our old bikes when we buy a new one. Sometimes reluctantly when we need the money or we need the space, sometimes cheerfully if we’ve hated the thing.

sell a bike

1. Wash it

Number one, wash it. Obviously. Make it shine like new. Then polish it so you can see you face in it.

sell a bike

2. Spruce it up

Number two, flash it up. New grips, new tyres and a new saddle are the three key things you need to freshen up. They will make the bike look like new again.

If your new bike has come with tyres you don’t like, pop them on the old bike and invest in the rubber of your choice. Alternatively, get hold of some Back to Black tyre shine and make them look like new again.

If the cables or the chain looks manky you can think about replacing those too, but you have to weigh up if it’s worth it. If you’re selling a really expensive machine, it might just be worth the time and money.

sell a bike

3. Quick service

Next up, you’ve got to make sure everything works. If someone comes round to try it, the bike needs to work like a dream. So fettle those gears, sort the dropper post and pump the tyres up.

sell a bike

4. Get good photos

Finally, you’ve got to take good photos. Without them, you’re potentially knocking hundreds of quid off the price. Don’t use the old catalogue shots either, people want to see what the bike looks like now. Find somewhere with a neutral, non-fussy background and try and wait for nice light – sunset or dawn are best.

There you go, you’re good to sell. And if change your mind because you can’t bear to part with the old warrior, at least it’ll be spick and span, rotting in the back of your garage.