If you can't beat it, just dive in

It can sometimes be hard to keep yourself motivated to get out there in all weathers. Here are a bunch of arguments to help you motivate yourself.

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1. Quiet trails

All so-called sensible people are either indoors or in some godforsaken shopping mall somewhere. There’s no one else splatting themselves to pieces in the woods or on the fells. Except mountain bikers. They have the place to themselves.

2. Mountain bikes aren’t soluble

Mountain bikes are built for riding in mud. Some more so than others but you have to try pretty hard these days to find a mountain bike that isn’t perfectly fine functioning in mud. The worst thing mud does is lead to a bit of paint scuffing. If you’re more concerned about how shiny your bike is rather than having fun on it, we suggest you take up road riding, indoors.

3. Bearings aren’t that fragile

Cue to mass sucking in of air through teeth the world over. On a similar note as the point above but more specifically about full suspension pivot bearings. Again, mud isn’t that bad for them. Ditto fork and shock seals.

4. Mud tyres = deep joy

We’re not talking ‘loose conditions’ tyres here. We’re talking about proper mud-specific, preferably mud spike, mud tyres. There’s not many more joyful feelings than exiting a sloppy sketchy section upright and carrying momentum. Total misery on the road, yes. But that’s road. Avoid it.

5. Keeping fit

Stay fit. Stay healthy. Even though mountain biking should always be about fun more than fitness, there’s no denying that fitness is a nice added benefit.

6. Clothing geekery

This is the 21st century and we have the technology. Waterproof socks, thin waterproof jackets, 4-way stretch showerproof shorts, windproof tactile gloves, base layers that are seemingly never moist. Bad weather? Bring it on.

7. Unavoidable skill upgrade

Simply by keeping on riding through the slip ‘n’ slide of autumn and winter will result in your bike handling skills getting an upgrade. Even if you never practice skills, or session anything in your life, you’ll emerge in spring like some sort of riding god and find everything much easier than those lightweights who stayed indoors watching Stranger Things and Strictly.

8. The afterglow

Drying out, warming back up, making the shower basin incredibly gritty, having a pint (of tea or beer) and feeling all smug and rinsed out (in a nice way).

9. Well, what else are you gonna do?

Take up crochet? Get on yer bike and go and muck about. It’s only mud.