Are you reading me? Over.

The Starvox is a watch with a built-in two-way walkie talkie style radio function. It has some other features too but the walkie talkie is its coolest thing.

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It’s currently on Kickstarter where it’s reached $33,598 pledges of an initial $20,000 goal. The 400 to 470MHz radio system reaches over 2km and can withstand large numbers of users being on the same frequency network.


It’s a bit fatter than a regular digital watch but it’s not a clunky as some GPS watches out there. The touchscreen is 1.5″ in size. Speaking of GPS, the Starvox also does GPS.

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What else does it do? GPS, pedometer (step counter), temperature gauge, altimeter, compass, hygrometer (moisture content measurement).


It’s waterproof. It has Bluetooth connection. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts between 1.5-3 hours (which is something of a glaring weak point to us, but hey).

In the description of the product it also calls the Starvox a “smart watch” but we’re not entirely sure what they mean by this. It doesn’t appear to offer web browsing or app installation or anything along those lines.

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Price-wise it’s quite appealing. Early Kickstarter pledgers can secure their Starvox for $59 and even when (if?) it appears at retail it will still only be $109. That seems a really good price.


Why would you want one?

Mainly, because it’s a cool gadget. There are some serious useful applications for any outdoors users who need to communicate quickly and clearly at distance – especially when there’s no mobile signal – but mostly it’s just a cool little bit of tech.