Have a hardtail build project that needs brightening up? Ragley can help.

Ragley has announced some new colourways, for two of its progressive geometry models, in the current frame range.

The brand known for bringing value to steel and alloy hardtail riders, will only see its 2022 complete bike builds arriving later this year. But if you want frame-only options, in new colours, there is good news.

There are some updated colourways for those riders who find the current Ragley range of interest. And who doesn’t like proven hardtail trail and enduro riding geometry, with some brighter colours?

The new latest range of Ragley colours will be available on aluminium frames arriving this month. If you are keen on a steel Ragley with updated graphic design, those should land for distribution by May.

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A silver bullet hardtail

The two most distinctive colour upgrades, apply to Ragley’s Mmmbop and Big Wig.

Hardtail aficionados who like finding their flow and lifting that front wheel at any opportunity, can opt for the slack and agile Mmmbop platform.

Designed around 27.5” wheels and a 150mm fork, the alloy Mmmbop edges into hardcore hardtail categorization. Built with the recommended 150mm fork, it sits at a very slack 63.75-degree head angle and reaches up to 460mm, on a size large.

Ragley now offers the Mmmbop in a Parma Violet colourway.

A yummy Lollipop treat – from Ragley

Want to combine Ragley’s progressive hardtail geometry with bigger wheels and a wild colourway? That will be the Lollipop Big Wig.

Although the Big Wig has a steeper head angle than Ragley’s Mmmbop, at 65.5-degrees, it benefits from improved terrain rollover, with 29er wheels. And that red and yellow colourway is a classic racing theme, which goes terrifically well with the 4130 Chromoly tube profiles.

Ragley’s new colourways only apply to frame only purchases.

If you want to anchor your next hardcore hardtail build with a Parma Violet colour theme, the Mmmbop prices at £349.33. The bigger wheels and warmer Lollipop colourway on Ragley’s latest Big Wig, is £599.99.