Meet Motion France's Dynamic Anti-Dive MTB Fork

The Motion France Dynamic fork is a non-telescopic linkage fork that claims to eliminate brake dive. Yep, it’s on Kickstarter.

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How does it work?

A proprietary hydraulic damping control that uses braking forces to counteract the compression forces in the fork.

As you can see from the footage in the above video it really does seem to do what it claims.


Those of you with good memories may remember that USE once offered a fork with similar characteristics – the one-legged SUB fork. With the SUB fork it worked via a mechanical linkage that took the rotational force of the wheel under braking which was transferred into an upwards force that counteracted the fork compressing.

The Dynamic fork will be available in 26in, 27.5in and 29in wheel sizes. With travel ranging from 110mm up to an impressive 170mm. It will fit tyres up to 3in in width, so will be Plus bike friendly. It will come in regular QR15mm, Boost QR15mm and 20mm bolt-thru axle standards. Claimed weight is 1,850g.

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Some bullet points from the designers

  • “Very high sensitivity and progressivity : grip and comfort exceed the actual references,
  • “Anti-dive behaviour : 100% of the travel are kept in all situations, also during high braking,
  • “Rigidity : precision of the guiding is unmatched,
  • “Lightness, reliability, sustainibility, the Dynamic technology does not require any maintenance…
  • “100% designed, manufactured and assembled in France, the Motion France products are exclusive and of high quality. These high end components are for competitors and enthusiasts who are looking for performance and reliability.
  • “A sustain chassis without any maintenance : it is ensuring the anti-dive behaviour, the guiding and the compression path adapted to your use. You can keep it longer than your bike !
  • “A pair of composite blades exchangeable : adapted to your weight and piloting style, they are exchangeable in few seconds to answer perfectly to your needs. Furthermore, you can change your travel switching the blades. No more misadjustment, your fork will remain as the fist day.
  • “Rider can pick from six colors (green, blue, red, orange, purple, or yellow) to match their team jerseys or bike frame”

What’s the problem with brake dive?

The steeping of the bike’s head angle can place you too far forward over the front of your bike which can result in going-over-the-bars or jack-knifing on steep, tight turns.

The usual way to counteract brake dive is to dial in some low speed compression damping but not all forks have this option. And firming up the slow speed damping of a fork can lead to a chattery skittish fork on certain terrain.

These days though, it has to be said that inserting volume spacers into your fork is a very good solution for fighting brake dive whilst still retaining suppleness around the sag point.

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But hey, if you want a unique looking fork on the front of your bike or you’re not keen on the progressive feel of running volume spacers in a fork, then head over to to Motion France’s Kickstarter page and pledge your cash.

Thierry Leclercq (Communication manager), Matthieu Alfano (CEO and Fork Designer), Xavier Roussel (Industrial Manager)

Thierry Leclercq (Communication manager), Matthieu Alfano (CEO and Fork Designer), Xavier Roussel (Industrial Manager)

At the moment you can secure a fork for yourself for ‘just’ €1,250 (which is actually half the price they’ll be at proper retail – should they make it that far).

The estimated delivery date in July 2017.