Lucky enough to own a RockShox Pike fork? Then you’re doing well for starters — we named it one of the best and most important pieces of mountain bike gear in our recap of 2013. But you may have heard about “bottomless tokens” and you might be a little bit confused. Well, RockShox has made this slick little video to explain what they are, how they work and what you need to do.

Here’s the theory in their words — but the video tells the story simply enough.

“Starting with Pike, we’ve began using these neat pieces called Bottomless tokens. They are used to reduce the volume of air in your fork, increasing the amount of air-spring progression. Depending on the travel of your fork, we install a certain number of Bottomless tokens at the factory to make sure your forkmaintains that nice “bottomless feel”. If you feel you are bottoming out your fork too easily (say, for example, if you are a very aggressive rider who puts a lot of weight on the front wheel), you can add one or more Bottomless Tokens to fine tune the amount of ending ramp in your air spring. For complete safety information and instructions, please visit”