Mondraker MIND is a telemetry system; sensors on the fork and the rear suspension linkage to assess and better setup your bike, so long as it's a Mondraker.

New Mondraker MIND is a bespoke telemetry system being launched on 2021 Mondraker Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon bikes. Sensors and magnets situated on the suspension fork and the frame rocker all work together to give the rider in-depth info about how best to set-up their bikes.

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We’ve seen suspension gizmos – even bolt-on telemetry systems – before. Think of Quarq ShockWiz or BYB Telemetry. The new Mondraker MIND system appears to offer you the stats and analysis of bolt-on telemetry whilst retaining a bit more of the discreet fitment and packagin as ShockWiz or Shredmate gadgets.

What is Mondraker MIND?

Mondraker MIND is made up of four bits of hardware and a smartphone app.

1. Main hardware unit which fits in the underside of the steerer tube. This also contains the front suspension sensor that reads the strength of the manetic field coming from…

2. … the magnet on top of the fork lowers.

3. For the rear suspension, there’s a sensor fixed to the top linkage that works with…

4. … the magnet fixed to the main pivot.

The smartphone app (iOS and Android) is called myMondraker. It’s on the app where the info and advice for setting up your bike’s suspension is found. There is also a webpage – – which is a bit more geared towards post-ride analysis. Analysis of where you rode, how you rode and what your bike was doing at the time.

You see, as well as being a telemetry and a suspension setup assistant, MIND is also a GPS and a Shredmate-style ‘airtime assessor’; it knows where you are both on a map and also in relation to being on the ground or in the air. MIND is “capable of detecting and recording each and every jump you make on the bike, calculating your speed, length and overall time in the air as well as the maximum suspension travel used at each end of the bike when you land. Combining that info with the built-in GPS, MIND overlays this data onto detailed maps showing exactly when and where you were in the air.”

The MIND system gives you advice on how to set your preload (air pressure), compression and rebound damping. The goal being: “offering riders, even ones with no training on how suspension really works, the possibility to set up their suspension perfectly”, according to Mondraker.

Each and every MIND unit is unique and non-transferable, being linked to the bike’s serial number upon production. The batteries allow for data acquisition for over 20 hours continuous run time and “more than 15 days” on standby.

The overall weight of the MIND system is 199g.

Mondraker: “In short the combined efforts of MIND and myMondraker provide riders with perfect suspension setup, but what’s more is that they provide a unique, highly detailed after-ride experience, graphically showing how the suspension worked throughout the day down to the finest detail.”

It’s an anti-theft device too

As well as being a telemetry device, a suspension assistant, a GPS unit and a ‘gnar detector’, the MIND is also an anti-theft device.

It has a built-in alarm and antitheft system. “Subsequent to the alarm going off, if the bike is moved the user will receive a warning on their smartphone and if it turns out the bike is being stolen the app will help the user track its position.”

Initially MIND technology will only be built into the 2021 performance Mondrakers – the Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon range – Mondraker plans to implement the system throughout a broad range of XC, DH, Enduro and Trail models over the next few years.