Full, pro-level telemetry is within the grasp of us mortals

BYB is offering a full, comprehensive suspension telemetry package via Kickstarter, and all for a price a little more obtainable than ever before.

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At the very top of our sport teams and riders are well aware of the advantages of gathering and analysing data in order to improve the chances of winning races. We’ve all seen the sophisticated telemetry systems that adorn bikes through pre-season testing and early races; using technology normally reserved for high level motorsport these systems have always been prohibitively expensive for the privateers.

Sadly all of the super early bird packages have been snapped up but you can still be in with a chance of getting the full package for €1,099. That’s €500 less than the expected retail price when it hits the shelves in April of next year. Okay, it’s still a lot of money but this is for a fully functioning, pro-level system.

BYB Telemetry is made up of three main parts; the acquisition unit, fork sensor and shock sensor.

According to BYB this is the world’s first professional universal telemetry kit for mountain bikes. It detects the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of the MTB while riding.

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BYB Telemetry connects wirelessly to an app on your phone or straight to a laptop where you can use more advanced software to tell you exactly how you suspension is working. The software will then provide suggestions telling you how to turn the knobs of your suspension to provide you with the perfect suspension set-up. All according to your needs and the track characteristic.

BYB Telemetry is developed in the racing environment and it’s similar to the technology used in the downhill UCI World Cup from the factory teams. Nevertheless, it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface, aiming to make the best personalised suspension set-up accessible to everyone.

According to BYB there are distinct advantages of their system for all riders.

What makes the BYB system a little different to anything else on the market is its ability to work on any type of mountain bike and also with both coil sprung and air shocks. Most systems, including the popular Shockwiz, are limited to specific disciplines and/or suspension types.