Not entirely EWS-based. But mostly.

Despite all the mountain bike photographers being down in New Zealand for the Enduro World Series opener in Rotorua there are still some non-EWS shots here.

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Not many admittedly. But when you put world class ‘togs, stylish riders and amazing NZ trails together, it’s hard not to include a load of their piccies.

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Found an old studio shot of @camzink when he was pregnant. #LoveWins #tbt? #TLDfamily #tldbike #fitness #beerbelly?

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2. Rhubarb Cunningham doing his best slide for the camera…

Sliding in the moondust trying to avoid cliff edges and @jonesdirt!

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3. Seemingly out of nowhere we heard about the Skelf bike park project in Edinburgh and all of a sudden it’s there! Check out some more of Claudio Caluori’s (yes THAT Claudio) pump tracks

4. Brett Tippie was recently snapped up by YT Industries as Director of Good Times (or something like that anyway). Why would a bike company want to sponsor a semi-retired 90s freerider? Because Tippie’s Instagram feed is arguably the best MTB Insta account out there, that’s why…

5. Yeah, yeah, enough with the deserts and dust. Where’s the good ol’ British muck and ragging? Why, here it is on Nukeproof’s Instagram feed. Yes! Great shot. Have it lad…

@lukecryer96 how low can you go? #enjoyresponsibly

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6. A great shot of Olympic winner Nino Schurter clearly relishing something to eat mid- or post-ride. Maybe he’s seen our recent What would you buy from a petrol station with £10 feature..?

A sandwich never tasted so good? #noshortcuts #scott2luvit #cyclingshots #capeepic2017

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7. Gee Atherton‘s Instagram is wall-to-wall pain cave and training. When will this guy ever call it a day? Probably never. Good…

Brutal day of it today with @zer0226 in the gym and on the intervals! Skatepark session now to recover!! #vomcano

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8. The Commençal Furious downhill/gravity bike was launched this week. Here’s Yoann Barelli launching it into hyperspace…

9. We couldn’t hold the EWS onslaught at bay any longer. Here’s Trek Factory Enduro Racing’s Katy Winton sending her Trek Slash 29er down some slippery lushness down under…

10. It’s not sunny in New Zealand at the mo. It may even be raining. Phew! hat may help us reign in our insane levels of jealousy a bit better. Here’s a cool helmetcam from Sam Blenkinsop

Rad first day up on the hill for #ews conditions are all time bring on rain. #enduro #mtb #gopro @crankworx @norcofactoryracing @camelbak @srammtb

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11. Unlike most race organisations, the Enduro World Series’ social accounts are definitely worth following. Top photography combined with a bit of behind the scenes gossip and no small amount of insight. Today’s insight: it’s a bit muddy

12. Speaking of EWS togs, here’s one of the best…

Wyn Masters under the Pungas! @world_enduro #nz

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13. What’s going on here then? Why, it’s Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland cleaning his pride and joy with a puddle and a washing up brush. Kinda makes you feel all warm inside doesn’t it, knowing that even the top pros have to do this sort of stuff…

Resourceful Rat. #ewsrotorua

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14. Ballersays is actually Chris Ball – head honcho of the Enduro World Series. Here he is trying to squeeze wide handlebars through a not so wide gap in the trees…

15. Let’s all have a break from EWS and look at a lovely pic from the Norwegian fjords

16. We were younger then. Much younger…

17. Dinner time..!

18. A shot taken last year by mbr regular Mick Kirkman and recently put on to Pace Cycles‘ Instagram feed to promote this year’s Boltby Bash Enduro…

19. It wouldn’t be ‘Instagrams of the week’ without a shot from Geoff G…

Super mellow… ? @aledilullophotography

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20. This is a shot for those of us who’ve still managed to get out and ride this week. It’s officially spring now, you know…

@craig_sevenevans, Wharncliffe Woods, Sheffield. Image @duncanphilpott ? #hopetech #wharncliffe

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21. Go go gadget multitool! If you’re wondering how Richie Rude tightens up his headset with this Stash tool from OneUp Components in there, it looks like there’s a cassette lockring type of affair used instead of a regular top cap and star fangled nut. We wonder if this hideaway multitool has a lockring tool on it then. Hmm…

That’s all the Instabangers for this week. See you next week for gorgeous, inspiring, interesting and amusing piccies!