Lose yourself for a few minutes in this dreamy, moody movie of riding around the stunning fjords of Norway.

>>> Makken Haugen rips down a Norwegian ridgeline

H+! Adventures: “”Norway. When I hear that name, my mind drifts away over snow-capped mountains, glaciers, harsh coastline and into steep sided fjords.

“These thoughts have been rolling over my mind for the past year, planning, discussing and packing for this expedition into the unknown, and now as I sit in the airport hearing my flight number to Norway being called, I have one last chance to get lost in my subconscious before actually arriving in this ethereal country on our pioneering mountain bike adventure.

“I am dragged from my daydream by the seatbelt sign going on and the air steward preparing the plane to land in Molde. As I turn my head to look out of the window I see mountains reaching far into the distance, with deep fjords gouging out the land between the mountain tops and leading out to the sea. It looks even more amazing than I imagined!”

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The videe does take a while to get to the riding action – and there is some rather arbitrary pushing-up footage (“you could ride that!”) – but it’s worth persevering with and enjoying the mood.

The riding starts at 1min 34secs if you’re in a rush though!