Lorraine Troung recovering from multiple concussion brain injury

Lorraine Troung crashed hard in 2015 and sustained serious brain injury. To help pay her medical bills she’s just started a fundraising page.

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Troung needs to raise 25,000CHF (approx £20,000) to pay for her treatment.

Every person who donates to Lorraine’s Recovery Fund an opportunity to win some amazing prizes. For every 10€ you donate you will be entered into the prize draw – so the more you give the better your chances of winning one of these amazing prizes (details below).

Lorraine’s crash

Lorraine Troung: “In July 2015, I crashed hard and was left brain injured. Since that day, I am learning how to live again… and I try to share my experience such that athletes get better protected agains Traumatic Brain Injuries. I also hope that I might help others who are struggling with this injury.

“A bit of me faded out that day. But I keep deep down the will to ride again. I need the joy that being on a bike brings me.”

Some of you may remember a while back I posted up an article from @descentworld about concussion and its consequences. In that article @lorrainetruong shared her story of living with her brain injury after crashing at Sameons @world_enduro last summer….. Lorraine is still suffering from her injuries and is now having to look further afield for help with her rehab and recovery. She is headed to the US soon to have some new tests and 2 weeks of rehab to see if it can help in her recovery…. As you can imagine this treatment is not cheap and she has set up a funding page to help raise much needed money for her continued long journey of recovery… We have managed to secure a huge number of great prizes from the bike industry and riders that you can get the chance to win when you donate to Lorraine's recovery fund…. For every 10chf you donate you will be entered in the raffle to win a BMC bike, a bike Verbier holiday and loads more great prizes… Take a look at the link in my bio or click here – http://www.lorrainetruong.ch/gofundme

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For the past 16 months Lorraine Truong has been fighting to live with the limitations, daily pain and discomfort from multiple brain injuries sustained while riding and racing her bike. It has changed her life beyond recognition, where even simple tasks are now a huge challenge. She needs our help.

Although Lorraine has received good medical support in Switzerland, there’s no quick fix and knowledge of treatments for brain injuries is still in its early stages.

To try to find solutions Lorraine hopes to travel to the USA where more advanced treatments are available, which could help with her recovery. However, treatment like this is not covered by her medical insurance and can be very expensive.

Troung and her team of friends and helpers want to raise funds to take away the day-to-day worry of these costs for Lorraine and ultimately help to get her life back and hopefully one day to get back on her bike.

Dreaming I had my wings back… #tbt #dream #fly #pocketrocket #braininjury #mybrainmyrules

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You can find out more about Lorraine, her racing career, her journey and her experiences as a brain injured rider on her website: www.lorrainetruong.ch

Prize draw list

1x Week of holiday in the Swiss Alps with Bikeverbier.com
1x BMC Speedfox Trailcrew full bike (size S), mounted with Team components
1x Day of riding with Tracy Moseley
1x Fox 36 fork
1x Pair of DZR Mamba shoes (size of your choice)
1x Pair of DZR Minna shoes (size of your choice)
1x Pair of DZR Jetlag shoes (size of your choice)
1x Pocket Rocket BMC kit (short and jersey)
1x Fizik Monte saddle
1x Giro Cipher helmet
1x Giro All Mountain helmet
1x Isostar food package
1x entry for the Enduro World Series round in Finale Ligure
1x V8 Equipment FRD 20.1 backpack (teal)
1x V8 Equipment EXP 110.1 travel bag

You may also get the signed jersey of one of these riders: Sam Hill, Tracy Moseley, Jérôme Clementz, Lewis Buchanan, Greg Callaghan, Jill Kitner, Bernard Kerr, Manon Carpenter, François Bailly-Maître, Ludo May, Nico Vouilloz, Damien Oton, Iago Garay, Bryan Regnier, Anita & Caro Gehrig, Marco Osborne, Anneke Berteen, Rachel Atherton, Casey Brown, Jared Graves, Cécile Ravanel, Rae Morrison, Mark Scott, Katy Winton, Brendan Fairclough, Emilie Siegenthaler, Katy Curd, Justin Leov, Kerstin Kögler, Hannah Barnes, Anka Martin, Steve Peat (signed book and DVD) or from the whole BMC MTB Racing Team.

Also for every one of you who donates 50CHF or over, Lorraine will send you a #myBrainmyRules t-shirt to help raise awareness and get us talking about Brain Injuries.

Every 10CHF you donate covers 2 minutes of functional neurology treatment.

How to donate

You can donate by Paypal – https://www.paypal.me/myBrainmyRules

Please make sure you enter your e-mail address in the payment reference or as a message (Paypal), so they can contact you if you win the prize draw. The deadline for the raffle is the 31.12.2016.