Enduroworldseries_rgb-thThe truly global 2018 Enduro World Series

The increasingly global ambitions of EWS – next year will be the series’ sixth – is apparent in this list of venues.

Four new venues. Eight rounds in total.

Whilst Ireland has been left out for 2018 and there’s still a heavy European bias but you have to admire the organisers’ global vision. This is clearly a lot more ‘World Series’ than baseball for example.

Enduro World Series 2018 calendar

  1. Lo Barnechea, Chile – 24/5 March
  2. Manizales, Colombia – 31March/1 April
  3. Olargues – Montagnes du Caroux, France – 12/13 May
  4. Petzen-Jamnica, Slovenia/Austria – 30 June/1 July
  5. La Thuile, Italy – 21/2 July
  6. Whistler, Canada – 12 August
  7. Ainsa-Sobrabre, Spain – 22/3 September
  8. Finale Ligure, Italy – 29/30 September

New venues: Lo Barnechea (Chile), Manizales (Colombia), Olargues-Montagnes Du Caroux (France) and Petzen-Jamnica (Austria-Slovenia).

The 2018 Enduro World Series finishes once again in ‘the home of enduro’ – Finale Ligure, Italy.

Lo Barnechea, Chile: “This race is going to be two massive days of riding in the high Andes. Riders will take on this barren moonscape that’s unlike anything they’ll have experienced before.”

Manizales, Colombia: “Trails taking in from everything from pine forests to lush rainforests and world famous coffee plantations. The race will start with a [urban] downtown prologue, followed by one big day of racing in the surrounding mountains.”

Olargues – Montagnes du Caroux, France: “Riders can expect, dry rocky trails encircling this medieval village that will take in two days of racing featuring classic style French trails that will push both the rider’s technical and physical limits.”

Petzen-Jamnica, Slovenia/Austria: “This cross border race starts in Jamnica in Slovenia, where racers will take on beautiful hand cut singletrack before day two heads to Petzen in Austria. Here riders will experience some of the longest stages in EWS history – and even some underground liaisons – in what surely will be one of the most diverse races to date.”

Enduro World Series 2017

The current 2017 Enduro World Series runs from 26th March to 2nd October.

There are a total of 8 rounds. There are only two rounds left. Click here to see the current standings.

  • Round 1 – March 25/26 – Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Round 2 – April 8/9 – Tasmania, Australia
  • Round 3 – May 13/14 – Madeira, Portugal
  • Round 4 – May 28 – Co Wicklow, Ireland
  • Round 5 – July 1/2 – Millau, France
  • Round 6 – July 29/30 – Aspen-Snowmass, USA
  • Round 7 – August 13 – Whistler, Canada
  • Round 8 – September 30/October 1 – Finale Ligure, Italy

Enduro World Series favourites

Ritchie Rude is still the man to beat. It will take either injury or a continued unlucky streak of mechanicals not to see Rude top the podium come October. He appears to be a clear cut above the other athletes this year.

In the Women’s race it is also a case that last year’s champion – Cecile Ravanel – remains the clear favourite for crown in 2017. Ravanel is consistently standing on the podium at every round and isn’t typically afflicted by mechanicals or injury.


History of EWS

The Enduro World Series is a relatively new race series – the first staging of it was in 2013 – but it has already established itself as the standard-bearer for the format of mountain bike stage we call enduro.

The EWS organisers are actually a partnership of seven existing endure racing bodies in different parts of the world. The umbrella organisation is called The Enduro Mountain Biking Association (EMBA). It, and the Enduro World Series, are run entirely independently of the UCI.

Richie is a man of few words, so we'll let his riding do the talking. Enjoy! Cheers to OneUp for this inspiring edit.

Last weekend’s round of the Enduro World Series in Rotorua, New Zealand saw some of the filthiest and sketchiest racing yet in EWS' short history.…