One of the best trail saddles we’ve ridden from the Fizik stable

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Fizik Monte saddle


Fizik Monte saddle review

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Compared to previous Fizik saddles, which always seemed too flat, or had a ridge down the centre, the new Monte has a hammock-style profile that slumps more in the middle. I find this shape a lot more comfortable, because you sit into, rather than on, the saddle. You also move around a lot less, even when the saddle is wet or covered in mud.

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To further increase comfort, and reduce perineal pressure, the Monet has a cutaway channel down the centre and a new Extended TailFlex, providing flexible support at the rear. The low-density padding is still pretty firm, and the reinforced carbon shell doesn’t flex as much as some, but the deeper shoulders provide something to push against when cranking hard.

Overall, the footprint of the Monte is very similar to the test-winning Fabric Spoon. It’s the same 280mm length, similar in width, and is only 20g heavier. The Monte is not as hooked at the nose, though, but I never really caught my shorts on this saddle. It is, however, nearly 10mm thinner, so there’ll be a bit more clearance, which can be key if you’re trying to run a dropper with more travel.

To save weight, the Monet gets lightweight K:ium rails. There’s a lot of secrecy surrounding this material, but I suspect it’s a type of hollow cro-mo, with a surface hardening and an element added to make it look shiny.

The Monte gets a black Microtex cover with a Cordura rear section to increase traction and stop shorts slipping around in foul weather. The cover is hardwearing but the traction pads hold onto mud, which means they don’t work that well.

With its new shape, the Monet is one of the best trail saddles I’ve ridden from the Fizik stable, but because it shares a similar shape, there’s an obvious comparison to the Fabric Scoop, and the latter is just a tad more comfortable, cleaner underneath, and, crucially, half the price.


Rails:Kium alloy