We are running out of superlatives for these guys

You know what the score is with the FEST series by now. A group of the world’s best freerides travelling round the world and hitting jumps that are bigger than lorries.

This time we’re in Belgium for the Loosefest, the brain child of Niko Vink. We seem to say this every time there’s a FEST series video, but we’re pretty sure these are the biggest jumps we’ve ever seen ridden on a mountain bike. The penultimate stepdown is 90 foot long – that’s the size of the Christ the Redeemer statue!

Although there aren’t as many tricks being thrown down as last week’s Huckfest, the size of the Loosefest jumps alone should be enough to leave you gobsmacked.

You can see the helmet cam footage from these crazy riders here:


As always, there are plenty of crashes as a consequence of the riders going so big. One particularly impressive bail sees a rider throw his bike away in mid-air before plummeting into the side of a jump. Just to show how crazy these guys are though, he stands right up to receive a bro-hug from his mate – we’d be milking that one for weeks!

If you want more craziness from the FEST series boys why not check out the highlights from Aggy’s Reunion or Royal Fest?

There should be a full edit from Loosefest soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.