Norway played host to the latest round of the Fest Series

There is nothing progressing mountain biking as much as the Fest series right now. The punk-rock freeride series stomps around the world spewing out jaw-dropping edits at every single stop.

This time we’re in Norway for the Hillbilly Huckfest. The Huckfest was actually an event before the Fest series was born, but since Andreu Lacondeguy and co. descended on it for the first time last year, it has just got bigger and better.

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In this video you can really tell the riders are getting more confident on the bigger jumps. Gone are the days when the riders would just try and get over the gaps, now they are all displaying a repetoire of tricks.

Unfortunately this leads to the inevitable crashes. One particularly nasty one is from YT Industries‘ Adolf Silva who attempts to stick a double backflip but majorly under-rotates. He’s not a name we’ve come across before, but no doubt one we’ll be hearing about in the future.

Adolf Silva hillbilly huckfest crash

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The Fest series heads to Loosefest in Belgium next, rumours have it there’s a 90 foot step down.