More craziness from the FEST folks.

The FEST series crew have started building a reputation for themselves as the riders who are hitting the biggest jumps that mountain biking has ever seen.

Featuring: Andreu Lacondeguy, Brendan Fairclough, Sam Reynolds, Nico Vink, Joel Anderson, Jasper Flashman, Damon Iwanaga and Kristof Lenssens.

Their latest stop was at a 50 hectares motor sports park in France for the Royal FEST and once again they don’t disappoint. Nico Vink has been building this course and his fellow FESTers clearly relished bringing his work to life.

The riders clearly got very comfortable with the jumps. A lot of them were throwing down new tricks and tackling the huge gaps with ease. Some riders even opting to use a single crown fork.

It’s not all hard work though – the riders had plenty of time to enjoy the motocross tracks at the venue as well.

Video description

FEST Series: “At the end of each year the Fest Riders come together at Royal Hills: a 50 acres motocross paradise in the South of France where Nico Vink spent the last couple of years building and perfecting two big jump lines.

“With huge shark fins, step-on-step-offs, hips and 60 ft+ jumps, these lines promised to be challenging for all the riders. Combined with all the other good stuff Royal Hills has to offer, everything was set for an awesome time.”