Essential advice on buying, owning and riding an e-bike in association with Cube, Ribble Cycles and Whyte

E-Bike Live Week is a week-long (14-18 June) online event designed to introduce amateur cyclists to e-bikes and to help experienced riders fine-tune their existing e-bikes.

We’ll be publishing and live-streaming advice on what to look for when buying an e-bike, explainers on the technology, ‘how-to’ guides and product demos to showcase the best bikes and accessories. You can check out the content schedule below.

Monday, 14 June:

Q&A Highlights
10 ways an electric mountain bike will change your life
Welcome to E-Bike Live

Tuesday, 15 June:

Best electric mountain bikes: join the riding revolution!
Best budget electric mountain bikes: what’s out there and are they any good?
Which is the best ebike motor?
Think you’re too old to ride a mountain bike? My 80-year-old Dad thought so…

Wednesday, 16 June:

How to clean an e-bike (without screwing up the electrics)
Just how far can you ride on an e-bike exactly?
How hard is it to bunny-hop an e-bike?
How to care for your e-bike battery

Thursday, 17 June:

10 ways to get more range out of your ebike
What’s it like to compete in an e-bike race?
E-bike Vs Trail bike: Which is faster downhill? By how much?

Friday, 18 June:

5 facts that every e-biker needs to know
7 ways e-bikes will boost your relationship
4 best e-bike routes