Designed for coils and enduro racing.

The new Giant Reign Advanced 0 has tweaked sizing, suspension layout and spec to make it more race-focused. It’s still got 160mm travel and 27.5in wheels.

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Some of the components like the RockShox Lyrik fork, 800mm Giant carbon handlebar and SRAM Guide disc brakes carry over from the current model. But make no mistake; this is a brand new bike where the frame has been completely redesigned.

giant reign advanced 0

Did you say that the sizing has changed?

Yes. But Giant didn’t need to go overboard with the reach measurement on the latest Reign, as it was ahead of the sizing and geometry curve when it last revised the Reign in 2015.

It’s still available in four frame sizes, and all sizes now have 15mm longer reach measurements, so the size L for example, grows from 458mm to 473mm. To compensate for the increased frame sizing Giant has snipped 10mm off the stem lengths.

The rest of the geometry is pretty much identical to the current bike, so it’s still got a 65° head angle, 340mm BB height and 435mm chain stays.

giant reign advanced 0

If the rear suspension still has 160mm travel, how exactly has it changed?

Giant’s Factory Off-Road team riders have been running coil shocks on the Reign for a couple of seasons now and have been instrumental in the development of the new RockShox Super Deluxe Coil. The RT version fitted to the Reign Advanced 0 enables you to firm up the shock for climbing and sprinting with a neat under-bar remote.

Giant hasn’t simply slapped a coil shock on the new Reign though. The latest version uses a longer stroke shock to reduce the leverage ratio and improve heat management, something that will be even more beneficial on the models that come with air shocks.

The latest design also uses a Metric trunnion-mounted shock, where a new forged carbon upper link is claimed to be stiffer and lighter than the alloy one it replaces. Switching to the trunnion mount has also enabled Giant to maintain ample seat post insertion with the longer stoke shock as the upper link didn’t need to creep up the seat tube to accommodate the bigger shock.

giant reign advanced 0

Giant Reign Advanced 0 Launch in Santa Caterina, Italy

The rear suspension on the old Reign was super supple but it lacked support, so what’s Giant done about that?

We’ve always has to add extra volume spacers the to Reign to get the air spring to ramp up more and gain the extra support we craved. With subtle changes to the configuration of the Maestro suspension links on the new design, this should no longer be necessary as the bike now rides higher in the travel. And with shock tunes similar to those found on the team bikes, support isn’t something the new Reign lacks.

The revised suspension layout also works better with the 34/36t chain rings that the 1×12 Eagle drivetrain affords, with less suspension squat when you get on the gas. So the new ride dynamics also provide advantages for pedalling and climbing, and not simply smashing corners or blasting over roots.

What happened to the carbon wheels on the Reign Advanced 0?

Carbon wheels don’t dent, they break, so much as we all like to save a little weight, finishing a ride or not incurring a time penalty in an enduro race are much more important. That’s why Giant has switched back to alloy rims. The Reign Advanced 0 gets DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline One wheels, which have a 30mm internal rim width.

Giant has also switched tyres. Out go the 2.35in Schwalbe Magic Mary/Hans Dampf combo, in comes a 2.5in Maxxis Shorty up front with a 2.4in High Roller II on the rear.

giant reign advanced 0

Giant Reign Advanced 0 Launch in Santa Caterina, Italy

Is the new Reign Advanced 0 frame full carbon?

No. The rear end still uses Giant’s ALUXX SL aluminium but it’s now got Boost 148x12mm dropout spacing. And while clearance has been increase to accommodate fatter tyres, the Giant Reign isn’t 29in or Plus compatible. It’s now single ring only too, where the slightly wider pivot stance offers as small increase in frame stiffness.

giant reign advanced 0

Giant Reign Advanced 0 Launch in Santa Caterina, Italy

The new Reign looks amazing… When can I get my hands on one?

Giant UK will launch the 2018 Reign range in September, and much like the current line up it will include alloy and carbon models. We don’t have confirmed pricing as yet but we’ll update this news story as soon as we receive info in pricing and model availability.