Huge hoops on home turf

Enduro World Series dominatrix Cécile Ravanel will be racing on the brand new Commençal Meta AM 29 at this weekend’s French EWS round.

Spec: RockShox Lyrik 29, RockShox SuperDeluxe Coil with TwistLoc, Hutchinson Toro 29 tyres.

Teaser pics and speculation about the new Commençal Meta AM 29

One of the last classic bike models to go big wheel… has gone big wheel

One of the most requested bikes in recent memory has finally been unveiled. Well, a bit anyway. Not much detail but plenty of glossy pics.

>>> The Commençal Supreme DH 29 is a biggun

All we have to go on at the moment is a bunch of shiny photographs. So let’s delve straight into them and do some speculative captioning….

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #1: you can fit a water bottle in it.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #2: it’s rocking the new RockShox Lyrik. Hard to assess what fork offset though from this angle. Let’s go with 51mm for now.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #3: looks like a… Meta. Coil sprung to boot.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #4: bespoke Fabric saddle. We remain undecided on the aesthetic of the yellow camo paintjob.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #5: someone’s been busy with the greenhouse mister spray gun.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #6: typically sorted cockpit from Commençal. But what is that head angle going to be? The head angle on the 27.5in Meta AM is 65.5° and it’ll be interesting to see if Commie have matched that or go even wilder. Or more conservative.

Commençal Meta AM 29

Hearsay #7: wot no trunnion mount?

When will we know more about the Commençal Meta AM 29?

Well, there’s both the World Cup DH starting this weekend and the imminent Sea Otter show coming up, so we’ll be surprised if there’s not an official launch any day now. We’ll let you know…

Commençal’s official tease

Dear Media,

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just attach it to a new wagon,”
Mark McCormack.

META AM 29 will come soon!