Thanks to the Debonair spring and new seal head design

RockShox launches a new RockShox Lyrik RC2 with key improvements to the air spring that will be introduced across Pike, Yari and Revelation.

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2019 RockShox Lyrik RC2 need to know

  • Charger II RC2 damper has independent High and Low speed compression adjustment
  • Debonair spring with 42% increased negative volume offers additional mid-stroke support
  • New air spring seal head reduces friction
  • 29er and 27.5in options, both will take 2.8in tyres
  • Two offset options for both wheel sizes
  • Colours: Boxxer Red or Black
  • RRP: £989

Based on feedback from some of the world’s fastest racers RockShox set out to make one of the best enduro forks even better. Enter the 2019 RockShox Lyrik RC2.

rockshox lyrik rc2

As the name suggests, the latest addition to the Lyrik family has a different compression circuit to the current RCT3 unit. It’s still a Charger II bladder backed damper cartridge with external low-speed compression adjustment, but instead of having the three-position threshold adjuster (the T3 in RCT3), the new RC2 damper gets a high-speed compression dial. There are five preset positions for the high-speed adjuster, where the middle setting is the same as the current Lyrik.

rockshox lyrik rc2

Red seal head

Floating on air

And it’s not just the damper that’s changed for 2019. RockShox has also increased the negative air volume in the air spring. To indicate the change, the upper tube now had Debonair branding, just like the rear shocks.

The really clever bit is that the extra volume was achieved by using the space inside the air spring shaft. With a 42 per cent increase in negative volume we thought the new fork would feel super supple but with less support, but that’s only half true, as the increased negative volume actually offers more mid stroke support. RockShox is so confident in the coil like feel of its new DebonAir spring, it’s hardly surprising that it isn’t offering a coil-sprung version of the Lyrik.

rockshox lyrik rc2

Friction reduction

RockShox wages war on friction

Given how smooth the action of the current Lyrik is, RockShox had to go looking in the darkest recesses in search of marginal gains. By replacing the cheap plastic seal head in the air spring assembly with a machined allow design, RockShox is able to control the tolerance of this small part to a much higher degree. As such, it reduces the squeeze on the o-ring so the seal fits much better inside the upper tube to reduce friction. This, combined with a sized bushing that the seal head slides on, helps to reduce side loading and give a claimed 73% reduction in static friction over the old design. Less friction means better small bump sensitivity and a smoother ride, which is why the new low-friction DebonAir spring will come fitted as standard on Pike, Yari and Revelation for 2019.

rockshox lyrik rc2

Two wheels sizes; two offsets

The new Lyrik RC2 is available in dedicated 27.5in and 29in options and both are designed to take up to 2.8in tyres. Regardless of wheel size travel options on Lyrik are 150mm to 180mm. RockShox will also offer two offset for each wheel size: 51mm and 42mm for 29in, and 46mm and 37mm for 27.5in. Colour options are Boxxer red or Black.

The new Lyrik RC2 will retail for £989 and the RC2 Damper and DebonAir spring will both be available after market to fit any current 35mm RockShox fork. Which is great as it means existing RockShox owners can upgrade to the latest tech, without having to shell out for a brand new fork.

Upgraded Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks

And it’s not just the forks that have seen all the love. RockShox has changed the manufacturing process of the aircans on its shocks to improve cylindricity, basically they have made them more round to help reduce friction. The transfer ports for the Debonair spring are different too. By adding an additional transfer port, there are now three dotted around the air can, RockShox has been able to make each ports shallower, offering a smoother transition from negative to positive. The Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks also get check valves on the rebound circuit, something that was previously only on the coil versions.

rockshox lyrik rc2

rockshox lyrik rc2

rockshox lyrik rc2

rockshox lyrik rc2

The range of rebound adjustment has also been increased, with near perfect steps between each click to avoid one rebound setting feeling to light, then the next too strong.

rockshox lyrik rc2

Riding at NZEnduro

RockShox Lyrik RC2 first ride verdict

We had the chance to ride the new RockShox Lyrik RC2 and Super Deluxe RT shock at the NZEnduro, so we’ll bring you a detailed First Ride in the June issue of the mag.