As a front tyre for shredders, the wider 2.35in Enduro version is pretty much bombproof

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Hutchinson Toro Enduro


Hutchinson Toro Enduro review


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The Toro Enduro is the French brand’s underrated and lesser-spotted tyre. Front and rear versions, with slightly altered, wheel-specific tread patterns, are available, but both are versatile and make a lot of sense in mixed conditions.

As a front tyre for shredders, the wider 2.35in Enduro version is pretty much bombproof. There’s so much grip and confidence that the Commençal downhill team actually use it on the World Cup circuit.

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The widely-spaced, blocky knobs look like little suckers, and the tread strongly resembles a motocross tyre. It could probably handle something with an engine, too (an e-bike?), as it performs well in all conditions all the way from shallow mud and slime to baked hardpack and dust.

Hutchinson’s Race Riposte compound is a 50a/40a blend that is prioritised to grip rather than momentum, although the crown knobs do sit slightly lower than the edge blocks to encourage roll-over.

The double-ply carcass is a particular highlight — it’s supple yet tough and has good conformity. It’s smooth over rumble strips and obstacles, and progress off-road isn’t too bad for a 1.1kg tyre.

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The Toro mounts very easily on tubeless rims, corners and brakes with great control and can also claw into looser surfaces. It’s ultra reliable too, so is well worth a look if you can handle the weight.



Weight:1,020 grams
Sizes:27.5 x 2.35in