Don't kill them with fun

Six ways to keep it fun when biking with kids. From keeping them involved through to bare faced chocolate bribery, here’s some useful pedalling parenting.

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1. Involve them

Kids will ride further if they are interested and motivated. Keep your kid in on the decision making process, letting them choose destinations and find rest spots.

2. Don’t kill them with fun

Choose a location without too much riding – overtired kids are unhappy kids – and always have bail-out options to cut the distance short if little legs get tired or moods dip.

3. Location, location, location

A good general location is important. We often chose watery places – lakes, rivers – what kid doesn’t love chucking stones in water?

4. Rewards (bribes)

A few treats to look forward to at the end of rides are good, so throw in some sweets in your backpack.

5. Prepare to stop, a lot

Regular stops through the ride help to reduce boredom of riding and give the important opportunity to regularly refuel. A good chance to crack the phone out and take some selfies and videos too.

6. Give them something to carry

Give kids kit to carry, to feel involved, but needless to say don’t overload them!