What’s better than a powerful, focussed and easy to use light? A powerful, focussed and easy to use light with £130 lopped off the price, of course.

Last winter I tested pretty much every helmet mounted light I could get my hands on, and the standout unit was the Exposure Zenith. It’s not just that it puts out 2,100 lumens from its three LEDs, it’s that the beam is brighter and more focussed than the competition’s. That’s what makes it one of the best mountain bike lights this winter too, pair it with a bar-mounted option and don’t let the dark spoil your riding.

Exposure Zenith | Save 44% at Chain Reaction Cycles
Was £295 now £166
Make after work rides a reality again, with one of the best helmet-mounted night lights around, the Exposure Zenith. It pumps out 2100 lumens and you can toggle between modes at the tap of a finger.
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Exposure’s pedigree when it comes to lights is one of the best, with cutting edge tech and good quality fabrication. The Zenith continues that tradition with a neatly machined body. It’s fully programmable too so you can get the power output just so, or there are nine built-in modes printed on the light’s body if you don’t want the faff.

The Exposure Zenith is light enough to go unnoticed on your helmet, and fit every lid we tried it on

Best of all though, the Zenith uses Exposure’s Tap Technology. There’s no more blindly fiddling around in the dark for the on-off switch, instead you just tap the light to toggle the modes. In fact the process is so easy and effective there’s really no more need for a bar-mounted remote.

If the Exposure Zenith has one fault it’s the price – at more than £295 it’s a ton of cash for a dinky little light. It’s now nearly half that price, £166 in the gunmetal colour, making it great value as well as a great performer. If you’re new to it all, check out our handy guide on how to get the most out of night riding. The most important takeaway is to get the best lights you can afford, and now thanks to this Black Friday deal more of us can grab the best helmet mounted light for the job.