This month's 3-bike garage

Three bike garage. This is where our favourite people pick their ultimate bike stable. This month’s are chosen by Richey Schley, freeride pioneer.

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Back in 1997 mountain biking was all about racing. Whether downhill or cross-country, to be cool you had to compete. Then three friends from Kamloops in Canada exploded onto the scene by riding mind-blowing steep and technical lines that looked my like extreme ski slopes than mountain bike trails. Those pioneering riders were Brett Tippie, Wade Simmons and Richie Schley – the Froriders.

The beginning: 1984 GT BMX

Ironically this picture was my first ever photo shoot. A guy from my local Kamloops newspaper called me and said, “I hear you have the best tabletop in town. Can we take some pics of you doing it?” Away we went and it made the cover. Who knew it would launch my career. My First BMX sponsorship was with GT and this was a chrome GT from around 1984 – GT frame, fork, bars and seat post, with Profile cranks and Shimano DX pedals, Oakley grips, and Tioga Comp 3 Tires. I don’t remember the rest of the parts, but it was the coolest bike I had ever owned at that point.

Richie Schley freeriding on his mountain bike in Pemberton, BC, Canada

The Rampage bike: 2002 Rocky Mountain RM8

The Rocky Mountain RM8, in this Canadian Maple leaf paint job, was made for me for the Red Bull Rampage in 2002. It was a dream machine at the time. After years of breaking bikes, they got this one dialled. It had a Marzocchi 888 fork and the first Shimano Saint DH/Freeride specific group. So sick.

The trail ripper: YT Jeffsy Carbon 27.5

My Current YT Carbon Jeffsy 27.5 is my everyday ride and is a bike that is capable of many things. These days, living in California as I do, I mostly pedal up and rip down. The terrain here in Laguna Beach is steep and technical, so I need a bike that climbs well and descends even better, and this bike is ideal. Today’s trail bikes are like my Rocky RM8 back in the day, but way lighter, so in reality they really are all you need.

The DVO Diamond 160 mm fork and the Topaz 3 Air rear shock at 160 mm make it good for almost every kind of riding. Crank Brothers new Synthesis wheels, pedals and post, Conti tyres, Ergon saddle and grips, E13 cranks and cassette, Spank cockpit and TRP brakes. It is the perfect all-rounder and best bike I have even owned.