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Pro Koryak dropper post


Pro Koryak dropper post review


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There’s another new entrant to the heavily crowded dropper post market, this time from Shimano’s component brand Pro Koryak dropper post.

Shimano’s expertise means the Koryak feels well made, with absolutely no play in the post even after months of riding. It’s well priced too, £200 for an internally routed dropper that weighs just 520g makes it something of a bargain, especially when you consider it comes with a new shifter style lever.

pro koryak dropper

Pro Koryak dropper post

The Koryak is cable actuated, which means it’s fairly straightforward to setup — feed a cable through from the shifter end and clamp it off in a little barrel at the bottom of the post. The cable is easily tensioned on a barrel adjuster on the shifter but the design is a little sensitive – I messed it up first time and cut the cable too short, putting too much tension into the cable causing the seat to drop without warning.

There are two shifter options, a old-school vertically mounted lever that’s functional but requires a little too much force to activate easily: and a new shifter-style lever. The latter is the better option if you’re running 1X because it mounts neatly where your front shifter would be, either with a conventional clamp or using the new Shimano I-Spec II system (the lever shares the brake’s clamp too) featured here.

pro koryak dropper

The new lever is a bit of a let down though, it slips off your thumb too easily and there’s a load of play and flex in the main pivot, which doesn’t give a positive action. I also found the lever too low down for easy use, and the I-Spec II severely limited the angle it could be mounted at — there’s almost no scope to roll it round the bar and angle it higher or lower. This is odd given Shimano’s proven skill in making good shifters.

That’s all a really big shame because the Koryak’s action is smooth and reliable. The return isn’t as quick as a Specialized Command post but it’s easily fast enough and doesn’t have an annoying top-out clunk.

With only 120mm of travel, it’s limited but it’ll suit a shorter rider looking for a lightweight, cheap and dependable post.


Sizes:30.9, 31.6mm
Drop:120mm only