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Pro Bikegear Tharsis ThreeFive stem

Pro Bikegear’s previous Koryak 31.8mm stem was 3D forged and then CNC machined. As the name suggests, the new Tharsis 3Five comes in the bigger 35mm diameter but is only…

Score 7

Pro Bikegear MSN 1.3 Enduro saddle

When it comes to bikes and equipment, Enduro racing has its own set of parameters and requirements, but do you really need an enduro-specific saddle? Pro Bikegear seems to think…

Score 7

This PRO kit from Shimano’s component division is a compact tool kit, with eleven tools held in a zip/fold-out case. It’s clear from the off that it’s a more up-to-date…

Score 8

pro koryak dropper

For such a huge brand, Shimano was pretty slow to launch a dropper post, but here's the component sub-brand Pro Koryak dropper.

Score 7

best mountain bike handlebars

Pro Tharis 9.8 is a solid and dependable aluminium bar that’s ultra-stiff and hasn’t missed a beat over 100 of kms and various test bike duties.

Score 9

pro turnix offroad

The PRO Turnix Offroad flies in the face of most modern saddle convention, offering a shape some would deem ‘old school’. There’s only the merest hint of a channel and…

Score 9