Lightweight, offer a ton of grip and should go a couple of seasons before they need servicing

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Burgtec Penthouse MK4 Flat Pedal


Burgtec Penthouse MK4 Flat Pedal review


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Flat pedals are getting bigger. The DMR Vault started this trend, but recently we’ve seen really big platforms appear on the market from Syntace and Crank Bros.

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At 97mm x 100mm, Burgtec’s Penthouse MK4 isn’t in the same league, but it is low profile (about 15.5mm at the lowest point) and has a small amount of concavity, which helps keep your foot centred over the axle. It has nine steel pins per side and these are of the sharper set screw design, rather than blunt studs, so really dig into the sole.

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With stiff cro-mo axles, there’s little flex and overall grip — when using a regular Five Ten — is as good as any.

However, I noticed a bit more crank rub with the MK4 than the Vault I use most of the time. This is because the MK4 has a really short axle and the platform sits much closer to the crank arm. This is intentional: Burgtec reckons that if you’re in a gully or about to strike a rock, it’s better your shoe takes the impact than the pedal, to reduce the chance of going over the bars. Burgtec also prefers a smaller pedal, because that way your shoe can deform over the edge of the platform to increase grip.

I’m not totally sold on the idea of my foot, rather than the pedal, hitting an exposed stump, but the shoe flex does create more grip. However, the bigger your feet, the more they’ll contact the crank arms. I prefer a wider/larger pedal because it feels more stable, and provides a bigger target to aim at.

For the money, the Burgtec Penthouse MK4 is lightweight, offers a ton of grip and, with the new double bush and single bearing, should go a couple of seasons before it needs servicing. The new bearing requires a few rides to loosen up, but is still tighter than most, but at least it stops the pedal spinning when you take a foot off mid-corner.

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If you have small to medium-sized feet, the Penthouse MK4 is a great pedal, but I’d like to see a larger, or even wider, platform for riders with bigger hoofs.


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