Two weeks ago we were left amazed by Primoz Ravnik who rode down a 60 metre dam and came away unscathed.

In this video, filmed by his friends, you can see some new angles of the stunt as well as him being lowered on to the dam and hauled out of the reservoir at the end.

Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot steeper without the flattening effect of a GoPro and while the impact with the water looked quite gentle on his helmet cam, we can see that actually he pulled off one of the most insane belly-flops in history –  the splash is impressive.

Primoz Ravnik hits water dam

We reckon that Slovenia is quickly becoming a bit of a mountain biking paradise and although we didn’t ride any dams while we were there we did race down a mine and shred some of its emerging bike parks.

This footage was taken from BBC News and it’s always cool to see mountain biking get mainstream recognition, even if it does have to be from something as crazy as this.