OK, brace yourself for this one, it was our most watched video of the year and with good reason, it’s pretty ridiculous!

We’ve all seen a hill from a distance and though, “I could ride that”, but how many of us can say the same about a near vertical dam.

That’s exactly what Primož Ravnik did and best of all he filmed it on his GoPro for us all to watch (well, he would be pretty stupid not to).

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What at first seems pretty mellow becomes a whole lot more scary as he approaches the precipice. Over the lip, he accelerates rapidly and clears the entire length of the dam in a matter of seconds. Considering it’s nearly vertical this is hardly surprising!

Best of all, the water at the bottom of the dam provides a soft(ish) landing for him at the bottom – thankfully his bike floats so he doesn’t even have to worry about swimming after it.

We’d love to know where this was shot, it looks like the most fun water slide in the world!

What do you think, is this crazier than the Red Bull Rampage?