On Day two of our Solvenia trip, we were worried that what we were doing in Slovenia wasn’t proper mountain biking. It was fun, for sure, but totally different to what we were used to.

Day three brought us back down to Earth with a bump. The trails at the Krvavec bike park kept the impressive length of the Peca flow trail, but brought with them a totally new level of physicality we hadn’t yet experienced.

It’s an amazing consistency of loamy dirt, rocks and roots on an endless downward gradient. From behind the bars, it’s mouth-wateringly good; our tyres seem never have 100 per cent traction but neither do they ever wash out beneath us.

With Aljaz (our guide) and Olly behind me, I feel like I’ve boarded a runaway freight train. The intensity is almost overwhelming — technical riding at high speed.

Unfortunately Slovenia also showed us its weather can be familiar to us Brits as well. Having enjoyed wall to wall sunshine so far on the trip this was our first experience of a Slavic storm and it was ridiculously heavy – they even had to close the chairlift.

With just one day to go on our Slovenian trip we planned to pack in as much as possible before we left.