A blast from the past. Here’s highlights from the first ever Red Bull Rampage back in 2001.

The winner was, appropriately enough, Canadian freeride pioneer and legend Wade Simmons. He won a grand total of $2,500. The 2016 Rampage winner will get $150,000.

Check out Wade’s excellently cased gap jump crash at 1min 36sec. Ouch!

What else is of note in this video?

There a no tricks pulled. It’s just riders trying to hang on and not crash as they skid down scree slopes.

The crowds are rather small.

The handlebars are scary narrow.

The body armour is huge.

Nothing looks fast.

Not much actually looks steep compared to Rampage today (even though it is!)

Robbie Bourdon and Greg Smith. Where are they now?

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Altogether a very modest almost homespun affair with very little clue as to what a behemoth Rampage would become over the next decade.