Tour de France pros may seem like the total opposite of your average mountain biker – whereas we would instantly reach for a nice hunk of cake after a ride they would instead delve into the protein powder. So we were surprised on a cold, wet, muddy day to see this team of roadies out on their mountain bikes as opposed to spinning inside on the turbo trainer.

The video was shot by Joe Dumbrowski on the Cannondale-Garmin training camp in Colorado which gave the Tour de France team a chance to test the latest mountain biking line up from Cannondale.

It’s interesting to see that despite being some of the fittest men on the planet, the riders still seem to struggle up some of the climbs, although they are riding at over 8,500 feet so altitude will no doubt be a factor. We often tease roadies for having no bike handling skills, but Dombrowski shows he perfectly competent on this flowy descent.

The video was shot on a Garmin Virb XE which gives data on speed, g-forces and elevation as well as video giving some interesting perspectives on this ride.

There is a video of the team’s second ride here