Curtis Keene’s On Track is normally a biographical web series charting his Enduro World Series season. This episode is a bit different however. It’s dedicated to the tragic death of Will Olsen who died on stage three of round five of the 2015 series in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Olsen’s death left the entire sport devastated and shocked. A death at such a high-profile is practically unheard of in mountain biking and it struck a chord with a community that sometimes forgets the risks it takes doing the sport it loves.

The death was especially moving for Keene as he had spent time with Olsen in the past. The two had raced the Crested Butte ultra-enduro last year and they completed a three hour transfer together.

Keene said: “Him and his buddy were kind enough that they rode with me they were asking me tonnes of questions and it was driving me nuts because these dudes were so fit they were not even breathing. It was cool to hang out and he was wicked fast.”

As a mark of respect to Will Olsen the race in Crested Butte was cancelled and the 139 race plate has been retired from the EWS.

The EWS reaches its finale in Finale Ligure where tributes will no doubt be paid again to the Colorado native who tragically lost his life in the hills he loved.