Episode three of Curtis Keene’s On Track takes us way back to round three of the Enduro World Series in Scotland in May.

It’s been a tough season for Curtis Keene so far in the Enduro World Series. He currently sits 74th in the overall rankings with two DNFs and hasn’t scored a point since round three.

Thankfully, the life of an enduro pro is about so much more than pure racing. In this episode of his web-series On Track, Keene visits the local kids club to give out some goodies and have a ride with them. His conclusion was that “the future looks bright for Scotland with this bunch of rippers coming up”.

You can also see the tight bond he clearly has with his team mates Anneke Beerten and Troy Brosnan. Hopefully they will have helped him through the disappointment of finishing in 68th place at the race.

The next episode will be from round four in Samoens. Keene finished well back in 126th at that round so check back here to see how he coped with the disappointment and how that might affect the rest of his season.