Ok, we admit it, we’ve run out of synonyms for bonkers, there are no more ways to describe Claudio Caluori!

In his latest exploit he’s not chasing down the world’s fastest racers, or tackling the Red Bull Rampage course, but skiing down the Leogang Downhill track.

Now, we’re pretty sure skis work best on wide open spaces where they actually have room to stop, but that doesn’t stop Claudio ploughing into woods, through tunnels and down rocky drops for our entertainment. And it certainly is entertaining with Claudio providing his usual hilarious commentary throughout the run.

He does manage to stay upright on the run which is more than last time he took to the slopes of Leogang, where he crashed trying to overtake Greg Minnaar.

This is actually the second video of a two part series that shows Claudio Caluori and Rob Warner preparing for life in the commentary booth. Part one is also a cracker and can be watched here.

The world’s fastest downhill racers will be heading to Leogang for round four of the WOrld Cup series on June 11, let’s hope the snow’s all gone by then!