Some people are crazily committed to their jobs, they work late, commute for hours and sacrifice their free time but very few would be willing to throw themselves off the cliffs of Utah quite like Claudio Caluori.

On day three of our Advent Calendar we take you to Rampage for what must surely be the pinncale of his course preview career. Claudio took on the steep chutes of the Red Bull Rampage and what is more, he survived. He starts at the very top of the course and although he takes the “easiest” route down the mountain, it is more than enough to scare him (and us) witless.

He takes line of Yannick Granieri and follows it down towards the Canyon Gap. At one point we thought he was going to take on the gap itself but he aborts and turns round at the last second. From there he takes Brendan Howey’s jumps down to the finish line.

Despite being a former professional mountain biker, who is still able to take on the world’s hardest downhill courses, Claudio is still terrified by Rampage. This takes nothing away from him however, it just goes to show how insane this event really is.

Claudio said: “This is really the scariest thing I have ever done. I’ve had three days with no sleep; this made me so nervous.”

Rampage was won this year by Kurt Sorge with the best trick prize going to Britain’s Sam Reynolds.