Claudio Caluori and Rob Warner are something of a commentary dream team. Claudio provides the utterly bonkers track previews while Rob throws out classic one liners with aplomb (how can anyone forget “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?“).

But it seems that bringing the downhill World Cup to the masses is not as easy a job as we might have thought. In this video we get to see the gruelling pre-season training the downhill-describing-duo have to put themselves through before they can take to the microphones.

The first thing they must do is a fitness test. Claudio is able to put out an impressive 400 watts, while Rob peaks at a paltry 320, despite his recent return to racing.

On top of the fitness Rob also has to keep on top of all the moving and shaking in the World Cup pits with Aaron Gwin, Loic Bruni and the Athertons all on new teams for the 2016 season.

Finally after all the hard work the pair are treated to a relaxation session where they discuss the season ahead. It seems like Mont Sainte Anne and Vallnord are the races our commentators are looking forward to but we’re sure every round will put on an amazing show.

The World Cups kick off in Lourdes this weekend and you can watch it live on Red Bull.