Take a step back from all the frantic EWS and World Cup DH vids and spend a couple of mins watching some pleasure biking.

Variety is the spice of life but far too often us mountain bikers get a little bit set in our ways. Obviously mountain bikes are quite clearly the best sort of bicycle ever invented but the other sorts of bicycles are fun too.

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So don’t be spooked and put off by the appearance of drop bars at the start of the vid from Alpkit. Stick with it. Watch what it’s like to ride a different sort of bike on dirt. And then get to the 50 secs mark and back in some mountain bike trail ripping.

Even the mountain bike in this vid isn’t quite the usual thing you see in vids these days. It’s a hardtail for a start. And it’s a Plus bike. You can almost tell that just from that excellent ‘zzuppppp’-ing noise the tyres make as the roll.

Alpkit bods: “Riding is what we do, it is what we love. We wanted bikes built for big days out in the hills, riding trail centres, adventure travel, cycle touring, off road adventures and long multi-day expeditions. Most of all we wanted bikes that were fun, bikes to maximise the long days of summer, on road, off road, and everything in between.”