Guy is racing as 'Terry Smith' in the epic 2,745 mile Canada-to-Mexico race

Last October we ran with the story that Guy Martin was racing the epic bicycle endurance race – the Tour Divide – instead of competing in this year’s Isle Of Man TT motorbike racing.

Then it all went a bit quiet and there were rumours that Guy wouldn’t be racing the Tour Divide after all.

But now a photo has appeared on Instagram – as has a story on MCN’s website – that reveals that Martin is indeed competing in the 2,745 mile Canada-to-Mexico race known as the Tour Divide after all – but he is racing under a false name!

Terry Smith, AKA Guy Martin, passed through Sargents, CO this evening at mile 1,825 of the #tourdivide. #bikepacking #colorado #TD16 #guymartin

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The pseudonym Martin has opted for is Terry Smith. You can see Guy’s progress in real time on the Track Leaders website.

As we write he has currently ridden 2,712 miles so he’s almost done! He’s averaged 148 miles per day. Blimey.