It's World Cup DH track preview time - yay!

It’s time for another of Claudio Caluori’s filmed runs down a World Cup downhill course. This time it’s Mont St Anne and his guest rider is Devinci’s Mark Wallace.

Canada’s Mont St Anne track is the oldest course on the World Cup DH circuit but that doesn’t mean it’s passé. Far form it. It’s long and gnarly as heck in places.

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The course designers have also made a significant change to the track for this year. They’re removed a wooded section and replaced it with a “scary fast” (Mark Wallace’s words) open section.

Mont St Anne is actually Claudio’s favourite race track – and it shows. Despite his arm being beaten by the previous week’s pump track building in Oklahoma, Claudio still finds enough ‘stoke’ to let out numerous of his trademark ‘Muppet Show’ yelps and whoops.


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During this preview run Mark is clearly taking it easy on Claudio. Well, at first. After Claudio buzzes Mark on the new scary fast section, Wallace opens the throttle and leaves Claudio for dead.

As with all of Claudio’s track previews, it’s a great watch in that it’s both entertaining and informative.