We’ve all had this debate at some point in our life, which discipline has the best all round riders? Is it the raw power of the cross country rider, the commitment of the freerider or the bike handling of a downhill racer that trumps the rest?

In an effort to answer this conundrum Kona set up the Process Challenge. It sent downhill World Cup racer Connor Fearon, cross country racer Spencer Paxson and Red Bull Rampage competitor Graham Aggasiz to Retallack on its Process bikes to find out who came out on top.

Obviously this is just a jokey video doesn’t give us a scientific answer to the question but it still makes for a great watch with three really skilled riders showing off some amazing trails.

The Process comes in four separate travel models, 111mm, 134mm, 153mm and 167mm with a focus on getting the geometry perfect instead of sticking to the standard travel measurements. While we’ve always loved the handling of these bikes, we do think they are a bit heavier than we’d expect for the price.

The final result of the of the challenge is a draw (boring) with everyone scoring 420 points (is there something that Kona is trying to tell us?!)